A range of voice services provides you with the geographical reach and quality you require to terminate your customer’s calls worldwide. You benefit from our experience in international telecoms, our extensive worldwide network, and our wide range of direct routes and carrier relations.

Ntelecom’s VoIP and TDM networks carry hundreds of millions of voice minutes every month.

Voice calls are delivered at the highest quality, with the greatest economic efficiency being achieved by sophisticated routing and real time network monitoring. The service rate is competitive in terms of price-quality ratio provided by our partners, mainly alternative operators, offering cost efficient routes. The quality is in the same range with the Premium product.

Wholesale transit

Wholesale transit can be terminated to destinations which are tested by Ntelecom NOC and where quality is a priority when it comes to offering routes. With this service, we guarantee calls to be delivered on requested quality parameters where all routes can be switched immediately to an alternative in order to avoid losing any minute.

Pro-active monitoring and testing ensure the best conveyance of terminated calls, where constant fault management is reported to the routing system if there is congestion.


  • Real time monitoring quality parameters
  • 24/7 monitoring by customer support service
  • Overflow routes assured
  • Quick deployment of new routes

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