We offer services to many different call centers and contact centers, and we are sure they  expect the highest levels of quality, up-time, reliability and customer service.  We are proud that we are able to deliver consistent results in this demanding environment.


We know and fully understand that operating in the contact center industry can be challenging because of the unique requirements associated with call campaigns and predictive dialers.  We know that not every carrier is able to match up the Predictive Dialer requirements BUT WE CAN, because of our very good structured interconnections we can always ensure you enough capacity to the destinations of your need. Many carriers impose limitations concerning average call duration (ACD), average seizure rate (ASR) and calls per minute (CPM) WE DONT as we know this business and we know what it takes and needs for your success.


To address these issues we have prepared highly customizable switch with very high capacities, these servers are currently running under Quad Core processors and having at least 24Gb of Ram Memory, ensuring proper dial and connect of up to 5,000 simultaneous calls and in order to ensure the highest level of service everything is redundant.


We currently support high-volume call center traffic to the Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA, UK, China Australia.  Whenever you are ready to test our services we are AS WELL. Contact us today so we can start to provision your account and and we will optimize your account for call center traffic.


With our Call Center Sip Termination you benefit from

  • Real time monitoring quality parameters
  • 24/7 monitoring by customer support service
  • Overflow routes assured
  • Quick deployment of new routes