VoIP Solution for Calling Card Providers

Our Wholesale VOIP A-Z services are perfectly matched for calling card service providers. As a VoIP wholesaler, we have long-established relationships with the top Traditional TDM Carriers as well as Top VoIP carriers of the world, resulting in a breadth of route choices that is difficult to beat. This means that you can purchase low cost routes, as well as premium routes, with a single account.  Choosing between the standard and premium route choices is a simple as sending the designated prefix.

Whether your need is for a cheap VoIP route to connect a call at the lowest possible price, or to satisfy your most discriminating customer with superb quality, our technical staff can locate the perfect solution for you.

Our services are used by many different Calling Card operators world wide, we ensure they get what they need and we are very flexible on meeting their deemands.

Except very friendly costumer care with Voip Solution for Calling Card Providers you benefit from

  • Real time monitoring quality parameters
  • 24/7 monitoring by customer support service
  • Overflow routes assured
  • Quick deployment of new routes

White Label Calling Card Services

We do everything for you except Marketing and Sale, so  with this idea we let you concentrate on your core business marketing and sale. we take of your head ache regarding setup, finding routes or cheaper routes, dealing with costumer care, or even updating the rates. Our proven technology can handle large volumes of calls so you dont have to worry regarding technology or technology updgrades we do it for you.

  • We setup the needed technology
  • We do 24/7 monitoring and customer support
  • We do monitor the routes
  • Quick deployment
  • Online and real time billing and finance
  • Unique Access number in main countries
  • Ability to use cards in over 20 countries

Call us today so we can talk regarding your needs!